Full Day - Delphi ~ Thermopiles

A full day tour begins by going north, driving through the countryside on the way to Thebes with its acres of cotton fields. According to Greek mythology this is where the famous mythological hero Hercules was born.  The first stop of our tour is at the Spring of Kria in Levadia.   Here is where the mysterious oracle, Trophonious performed.  We drive on and take a break for a snack………traditional yogurt with honey and homemade tiropita (cheese pie) will hit the spot in Zemeno before we reach Arahova.  We arrive in the scenic village of Arahova where you may like to do some shopping.  Then it’s on to Delphi, once considered to be the center of the universe.  Delphi is probably best-known for the oracle at the sanctuary that became dedicated to Apollo during the classical period. You will visit the archaeological site dedicated to the god Apollo and will also see the impressive museum there.  After lunch, we head back to Athens making a stop in Thermopiles.  You will see the giant statue of Leonidas there made popular recently with the movie “300”.  For 3 days the Persians battled against the vastly outnumbered Greeks.  Although it was clear that the Persians were going to win, Leonidas stayed and fought the final battle with only 300 men from Sparta.




We work strictly with our A/C Mercedes sedans that can hold 4 passengers plus the driver. All tours are priced per tour not per person and do not include entrance fees to the archaeological sites or food.

Overnight tours include the drivers' hotel, meals and all tolls/gas. They do not include your hotel, meals and entrance fees to the sites.

None of the taxi tour drivers are licensed guides and would not be able to go into the sites or museums with you. We consider ourselves very knowledgeable about Greece and its history and would give you a lot of information on all the places you would visit before you go in. Licensed guides can be hired at most sites if you choose to do so.

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