The Argolis tour is a one - day tour that has everything. A drive by the sea, bungee jumping, a visit to ancient tombs and theaters. Just great!!!

This one-day tour starts by traveling along the Saronic Gulf’s coastal road to the Corinth Canal. The Canal is a structure of great importance, as before it was built, ships sailing between the Aegean and Adriatic Seas had to circumnavigate the Peloponnese, adding about 185 nautical miles to their journey. The original idea for making the canal was conceived by Periander the tyrant of Corinth back in 602 B.C. and the one that finally started the project in 1830 was Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of Greece. This was after the liberation from the Ottoman Turks, and finished in 1893 after several stops and restarts. If you want and dare, you can try bungee jumping off this historical canal wall. Next, visit ancient Corinth where St. Paul spoke to the Corinthians. A historical place for both the Byzantines and the ancient Greeks.

After Corinth we will drive on to Mycenae to see the Lion’s Gate, the Cyclopean Walls, the Royal Tombs, and the Museum. In the city of ancient Mycenae the most important civilization in Greece was born after the Minoan civilization was destroyed. You will also go inside the actual tomb of Agamemnon - the king of the Mycenae.

Then, on we go to the first capital of Greece, Nafplio. The city has a number of sights, like the Bourtzi, where the famous Greek revolution leader Theodoros Kolokotronis was prisoner, and the Palamidi Castle. Our final destination before we head back to Athens is the ancient theater of Epidavros famous for it’s perfect acoustics. This theater was the homeland of the ancient Greek Tragedy and is still used in the summer months for artistic festivals.




We work strictly with our A/C Mercedes sedans that can hold 4 passengers plus the driver. All tours are priced per tour not per person and do not include entrance fees to the archaeological sites or food.

Overnight tours include the drivers' hotel, meals and all tolls/gas. They do not include your hotel, meals and entrance fees to the sites.

None of the taxi tour drivers are licensed guides and would not be able to go into the sites or museums with you. We consider ourselves very knowledgeable about Greece and its history and would give you a lot of information on all the places you would visit before you go in. Licensed guides can be hired at most sites if you choose to do so.

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