4, 6 or 7 Day - Grand Tour of Mainland Greece

Travel from the mountains to the sea. Visit caves and castles…….this adventure of a lifetime is truly unforgettable! However long your Grand Tour of Greece lasts, you will surely take home with you some great memories.

Day 1 – Leave Athens and visit the area called Argolis. See the Corinith Canal, Anceint Corinth - where St. Paul spoke to the Corinthians, Ancient Mycenae and Epidavros. Sleep in the first capital of Greece, Nafplio.

Day 2 – Visit the Byzantine churches and monasteries of Mystras. Drive to Monemvasia. Explore the “island” castle filled with narrow streets founded in the 6th century by the Byzantines. Sleep in Monemvasia.

Day 3 – Leave Monemvasia and drive to the Caves of Diros, part of an underground river. About 5,000 meters have been exposed and accessible by small boats and through narrow passageways. You will be surrounded by formations of stalagmites and stalactites. Drive through Messiniaki Mani on the way to Olympia, where we will spend the night.

Day 4 – Ancient Olympia – birthplace of the Olympics. See and visit the archaeological site and museum. You now have the option of returning to Athens or continuing on for more. Sleep in Delphi.

Day 5 – Once considered to be the center of the universe, according to the ancient Greeks. Explore this very important site dedicated to Apollo and its fine museum. Sleep in Meteora (Kalambaka).

Day 6 – Mystical, magical Meteora! Visit the monasteries of Meteora that are literally perched on top of huge granite monolithic rocks. These monasteries, that seem to be suspended between earth and sky, contain priceless historical and religious treasures. The view from there is something that you will never forget. You now have the option of retuning to Athens or continuing on for more. Sleep in Vergina.

Day 7 – Visit the archaeological site and museum in Vergina. You will also visit Ancient Dion (The City of the Gods) an important site of Macedonian culture. See the highest mountain in Greece – Mount Olympus – the home of the Gods. Return to Athens.




We work strictly with our A/C Mercedes sedans that can hold 4 passengers plus the driver. All tours are priced per tour not per person and do not include entrance fees to the archaeological sites or food.

Overnight tours include the drivers' hotel, meals and all tolls/gas. They do not include your hotel, meals and entrance fees to the sites.

None of the taxi tour drivers are licensed guides and would not be able to go into the sites or museums with you. We consider ourselves very knowledgeable about Greece and its history and would give you a lot of information on all the places you would visit before you go in. Licensed guides can be hired at most sites if you choose to do so.

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