Two day - Delphi ~ Meteora

This 2 day tour will take you through central Greece - to mountains and wild landscapes. During the journey you will have the chance to view the ancient sanctuary in Delphi, and magnificent monasteries.

Day One

The first day of the tour begins from Athens. We will start our journey by heading north. The road will lead us to Thebes, a city known for its acres of cotton fields in the modern days. The Greek myths say that the powerful hero Hercules, son of the god Zeus, was born here. After that we will continue our journey to the spring of Krias in Levadia where the mysterious oracle, Trophonious performed. We drive on and take a break for a snack………traditional yogurt with honey and homemade tiropita (cheese pie) will hit the spot in Zemeno before we reach Arahova.  The scenic village of Arahova, nestled on the mountainside, is famous for it's handmade carpets and rugs.  Lately it has become an ideal destination for winter vacationers who enjoy snow skiing. 

The city of Delphi is where the most famous sanctuary of ancient Greece was based, the sanctuary of Apollo Pythios. Delphi was once believed to be the center of the universe and a place of mystery. Here, apart from the the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios you will visit the Museum of Delphi, the Castalia Spring and the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.

The day is nearly over, so we must go somewhere to get some rest. We get into the car again and after a scenic drive winding through the mountains, we arrive in Kalambaka - the city that will host us for the night. The view of the city is magnificent, due to the giant mountains that stand over it. These rocks seem like they were planted and that they are not a part of a big mountain, an outstanding view ...

Day Two

Ah, wondrous Meteora! A unique and impressive place with ageless monasteries that are literally perched on top of huge granite monolithic rocks. These monasteries, that seem to be suspended between earth and sky, contain priceless historical and religious treasures. The view from the monasteries is something that you will never forget. You can also see exquisite specimens of Byzantine art here. 
After seeing amazing Meteora we will be ready to return in Athens where we will arrive in the evening.




We work strictly with our A/C Mercedes sedans that can hold 4 passengers plus the driver. All tours are priced per tour not per person and do not include entrance fees to the archaeological sites or food.

Overnight tours include the drivers' hotel, meals and all tolls/gas. They do not include your hotel, meals and entrance fees to the sites.

None of the taxi tour drivers are licensed guides and would not be able to go into the sites or museums with you. We consider ourselves very knowledgeable about Greece and its history and would give you a lot of information on all the places you would visit before you go in. Licensed guides can be hired at most sites if you choose to do so.

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