Two day - Argolis ~ Ancient Olympia

In this 2 day tour you will travel to the Peloponnese with a beautiful drive along sea. During the trip you could try bungee jumping from the Corinth Canal. See ancient monuments and tombs, visit ancient theaters, former capitals of Greece and of course visit the home of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia.

Day One

Our 2-day tour begins with traveling along the Saronic Gulf's costal road to the Corinth Canal. The Corinth Canal is the meeting point of the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea. This great structure took hundreds of years to become a reality. If you want, and dare, you can try bungee jumping off the canal wall. Corinth was a cultural center in the ancient times and you will visit the ruins from Ancient Corinth where St. Paul spoke to the Corinthians.

After Corinth, we drive to Mycenae, the center of the great Mycenaean civilization. There you will see the Lion's Gate, the Cyclopean Walls, the Royal Tombs and the Museum. The tomb of the Mycenae's King Agamemnon is placed here, you can go inside and feel the glory of the king, that is maintained until today, some thousands of years after his death.
Our next stop is Ancient Epidavros and its spectacular theater. Here is the home of ancient Greek theater and the place where famous Greek tragedy plays of Sophocles and Aristophanes were performed for the first time. The theater of Epidavros is also known for its perfect acoustics.  Even in the modern days plays are performed in this theater during the Annual Epidavros Festival, a very glamorous event. 
Our day ends in Nafplio, the first capital of Greece. A charming city with magnificent landscapes and the famous Acronafplia, the acropolis of Nafplio. In this beautiful city we are going to have dinner and stay the night to rest in order to follow the athletic spirit of the next day.

Day Two

The next morning we drive to Ancient Olympia, which gained its fame as a sanctuary of Zeus and Hera, but the site also contains a wealth of other small shrines, gymnasiums and sculptors' workshops. According to tradition, here is where the Olympic games were founded in 776 B.C.. It is from here that the Olympic torch is still carried to whatever corner of the world the modern Olympiads are held in. In the museum see exhibits of unique sculptural masterpieces, such as Praxiteles' Hermes, Paeoneus' Victory, Apollo and many other art treasures. After a day with ancient cultural and athletic memories we are are free to return to Athens, arriving in the evening.




We work strictly with our A/C Mercedes sedans that can hold 4 passengers plus the driver. All tours are priced per tour not per person and do not include entrance fees to the archaeological sites or food.

Overnight tours include the drivers' hotel, meals and all tolls/gas. They do not include your hotel, meals and entrance fees to the sites.

None of the taxi tour drivers are licensed guides and would not be able to go into the sites or museums with you. We consider ourselves very knowledgeable about Greece and its history and would give you a lot of information on all the places you would visit before you go in. Licensed guides can be hired at most sites if you choose to do so.

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